Archival-quality giclée prints and plaque-mounted giclée prints are available for each painting below at the indicated prices. The paintings are also accompanied by a hodgepodge of explanatory captions and creative writing that can veer without warning from serious to comically absurd.

Castle Spirits - 16" x 12"

Prints: $40 / Plaque-mounted prints: $230

Old spirits rest in the landscape as a young spirit bustles inside.


The thumbnail below is a ten-second window into the process used to paint this.

The Witch's Repose - 11" x 14"

Prints: $40 / Plaque-mounted prints: $230

A painting of a scene from the Mushroom Cottage Anti-Story...

Mushroom Cottage - 26" x 11" *

Prints: $40 / Plaque-mounted prints: $300

Just your average single-family home with an anti-story behind it

Woodland Castle - 12" x 16"

Prints: $40 / Plaque-mounted prints: $230

Loosely based on Thomas Kinkade’s Guardian Castle but with a slumping foundation, this castle is dedicated to those who attempt to make a grand home in a precarious land. A girl prays in the near tower, but Woodland Castle is part of a teetering kingdom where many have long since disappeared into a conspiratorial cult and neither the increasingly tainted river nor the collapsing forest matter much to the rest. Yet even amid intensifying storms, the castle remains upright until such a time when encroaching winds prove too ruinous for this fool’s paradise.

And below, an earlier version of Woodland Castle appears in its larger context: painted on a wood door within the kindred Severson Castle on Vine Street in Denver, Colorado U.S.A.

Entourage - 20" x 16" *

Prints: $50 / Plaque-mounted prints: $230

The mice know that whenever the cat gazes out from the doorstep of the Woodland Castle foyer, it will eventually become entranced, and then they can proceed with their antics at minimal risk of devourment. Today, they outfit the spellbound cat with a monocle, top hat, and bow tie stolen from the office of the castle inspector. Meanwhile, passersby witness the spectacle and a legend is born: one of a dapper, steely-eyed cat with an entourage who must certainly occupy a dignified role in Woodland Castle affairs.

Vine Street - 20" x 16"

Prints: $50 / Plaque-mounted prints: $230

Subject of a Recent Newsflash

Big Bird in an Average World - 10" x 10" *

Prints: $30 / Plaque-mounted prints: $210

Real meets abstract

...staged with clippings from the backyard sage bush

Surfing Bird - 8" x 10"

Prints: $30/ Plaque-mounted prints: $200

For this bird, danger is the sport.

Olive's Tree - 11" x 21" *

Prints $40 / Plaque-mounted prints: $300

Olive is a dog we adopted, and this is her welcome painting.

But, of course, the kite can show any dog's name.

Cat in the Moonlight - 10" x 8"

Prints: $30 / Plaque-mounted prints: $200

A version of the popular depiction

with a window into earlier that day...

Cat in the Window - 22" x 17" *

Prints: $50 / Plaque-mounted prints: $230

Hm, did they forget again?

Speaking of unfulfilled desire...

Desolation - 24" x 22" *

Prints: $60 / Plaque-mounted prints: $220

Black and then crackle medium are the cabinet undercoats.



Disenchanted Forest - 14" x 11" *

Prints: $40 / Plaque-mounted prints: $220

Completed October 2023, this one can come with a Halloween tale.


The thumbnail below shows how this painting came together layer by layer.

Ladybug Tree - 11" x 22" *

Prints: $40 / Plaque-mounted prints: $300

Featuring one-stroke painted plants

and an easy tree of exposed wood panel with glazed-in shadows

Giardino Vine Street - 18" x 24"

Prints: $60 / Plaque-mounted prints: $230

An open garden window into the sky

Eagle Cloud - 30" x 18" *

Prints: $60 / Plaque-mounted prints: $270

The original framed painting of this storied scene is part of a larger display as shown in the thumbnail below.

And for a more vibrant flower patch than in the thumbnail above...

Green Flowers - 6" x 6" *

Prints: $20 / Plaque-mounted prints: $200

Consider this small one as part of a wall display in combination with other

Green Flowers prints with custom effects:

Death Valley Nomad - 20" x 16"

Prints: $50 / Plaque-mounted prints: $230


Deathly-Pale Snake Lord Seeks Honest Wife


This online dating profile portrait was commissioned by a river valley nomad I encountered on a trek across the Mojave Desert. Painted with a more muted color palette, it was an exercise in atmospheric perspective: The hazy-bordered background mountains share the light color of the sunset and far sky, while the snake lord, his feathered captain, and the rest of the foreground has darker contrasting colors and distinctly-painted edges.

The thumbnail below is a plaque-mounted print ornamented with antique store knick-knacks and photographed in lighting that created a sunset glow. This and the original were both photographed with distressed wood strips on the top and bottom to bring each to a standard size. The plaque mount is 24" x 18", and prints of it can also be ordered.

Earth Overlord - 14" x 11"

Prints: $40 / Plaque-mounted prints: $230

Some ideas for this one

Wagon Wheel Cabin - 14" x 11"

Prints: $40 / Plaque-mounted prints: $230

There was already enough character and form in this two-inch-thick wood support that it only needed accentuating with a thinly-painted hillside of rocks and grass with a cabin on top. Something like that.