Plaque Mounts

Archival-quality giclée prints are mounted on house-made wood plaques. The wood plaques are cut to size; hand-sanded at a progressively finer grit; and then pre-stained, stained, and varnished to create a smooth, rich finish. Finally, the plaque-mounted prints are optionally bordered with ornamental chains or other decorations. Examples are shown below.

Previously, my process was to mount the prints to the wood plaques using adhesive spray and then coat the prints with UV spray varnish as in the plaque mounts above. However, I've since switched to screwing an anti-glare acrylic sheet over the print onto the wood plaque to better protect the print and keep it secured to the plaque. Examples are shown below.

Castle Spirits

Plaque-Mounted Print


Reflected Vine Street

Plaque-Mounted Print